eco-design & up-cycling

1st unit exclusively dedicated to eco-design and up-cycling for the Retail sector

LEAF jardin de recyclage Retail
LEAF jardin de recyclage Retail


Convinced that it is possible to develop high quality products while respecting the environment, all our supplies and purchases are made and selected with a global objective of eco-responsibility, according to rigorous specifications.

  • 80% of our materials are sourced in France and in the European Union.
  • 100% of our paper and cardboard is FSC or PEFC certified.
  • 100% of our printing partners are certified " Imprim'vert ".
  • Continuous search for new innovative and alternative materials
  • 20% of our supplies will come from up-cycling by 2021.


At ELBA, we consider that eco-design is a global thinking around the life cycle of a product. In addition to a specific manufacturing process, an eco-design project must take into account a multitude of factors such as environmental constraints, usage, end of life of the product, local regulations, and the recycling channels available on the market.

Created in 2017, our R&D program in eco-design enables us to take direct and concrete action on CO2 emissions and the preservation of resources.

  • Analysis and environmental study of the project
  • Optimisation of formats and material thicknesses for our POS displays
  • Rigorous selection and prioritization of materials with low environmental impact
  • Systematic replacement of secondary plastic components with recycled and recyclable cardboard (dunnage, packaging, etc.).
  • Optimization of the delivery system (bulking, flatbed delivery...)
  • Local production and proximity to deployment sites
  • Minimization of our production waste
  • Sorting and recycling of 100% of our manufacturing waste
  • Equipping our production plants with photovoltaic panels (20% of our energy consumption is clean)

recycling and up-cycling

Recycling and up-cycling are the link that allows us to be part of a sustainable and responsible global approach. This is why in 2020 we are launching LEAF, the first offer exclusively dedicated to the second life of POS displays in the retail sector.

  • 100% of the recovered POS material is dismantled and sorted.
  • 20% of the recovered raw materials are directly reintegrated into our production chain.
  • 40% of the materials are offered to referenced and certified industrialists (transformer manufacturers).
  • Fittings that cannot be reintegrated into a virtuous circle will be given a second life in the form of donations to associations or social actors, preferably at the local level.