Consulting Creation POS Retail

personal project manager

Experienced contacts at your service

The quality of the support and supervision of your projects is our priority. At every stage, our Personal Project Managers are with you to guide you and enable you to carry out all your operations efficiently and serenely.

As true coordinators and consultants, our Personal Project Managers work in immediate collaboration with our design, production, digital development and installation teams. All 100% integrated within the ELBA Group.

These dedicated contacts all have many years of experience in the Merchandising, Travel Retail, POS advertising or event industry.

design office

Study and analyse to produce ever better

In charge of the study of all our projects, this department, composed of 20 experts and engineers, is the link between the Personal Project Managers and our 4 integrated factories: Wood, Plastic, Cardboard and Printing.

In addition to feasibility studies, costing and planning management, our office has been specialising in eco-design since 2017. Innovation in materials, innovation in processes: each project is a challenge to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve resources.

Consulting Creation POS Retail
Consulting Creation POS Retail

prototyping & modeling workshops

From the expression of inspiration to the finished product

What could be more reassuring than to visualize, touch and manipulate a product or project before making it. This step allows us to confirm the proper integration of the various constraints of use or environment, to make improvements or adaptations, and to definitively estimate the terms, deadlines and production budgets.

This workshop also offers the manufacture of unique or exceptional parts that do not fit into a standardised production line.

industrial designer

Details make perfection

Our team of Industrial Designers designs all the technical plans necessary for manufacturing. Whether overall plans or detailed plans, each element is carefully measured, calculated and studied. The Industrial Designers transcribe the inspirations and creations made by our architects into plans so that they can be manufactured in our factories.

Computer-assisted, our teams are fully conversant with Autocad, Solidworks and Drafsight software.

Consulting Creation POS Retail